From her performances around New York City and throughout the United States to her latest singles and full studio albums (Songs Spun of Gold, Something Still Cool), Elli Fordyce turns heads—and moves the pens of reviewers—wherever she goes. The following are just some of the great things people have said about Elli as both a singer and an actor. Get the latest Elli Fordyce news here.
Wonderful feature by my favorite Twitter Buddy: I'm so happy to share this wonderful feature by one of my favorite Twitter buddies, jazz-DJ and -writer, Curtis Davenport (aka @curtjazz). I can't say enough about the support Curt's given my music over the years and this is a great addition:   Enjoy.” - Curtis Davenport

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  Jazz Singer Elli Fordyce and the Musical Advantages of Social Networking Today, I continue this series by listening to five tracks by Elli Fordyce, a jazz singer (and actor) from New York State who has performed across North America, and whose two albums (Songs Spun of Gold & Something STILL Cool with Jim Malloy) are available for sale on CDBaby. Fordyce's music successfully balances the past and the present, and coolness with exuberance. Her vocal performances bridge the old and the new: demonstrating a deep respect for traditional vocal jazz, without sounding at all dated. Indeed, her songs evoke visions of smokey 1950s jazz clubs, while simultaneously sounding modern and refreshing. Yet her music never sounds overly glossy. For someone like me, whose jazz listening has remained mainly in the 1950s and 1960s, her music offered a warm welcome to the world of more modern jazz artists. What's more, the tracks had a laid back quality, while maintaining a strong sense of optimism and joy. Read the full article here!” - Spoony

@TomPowersJazz (on Twitter) recently featured Elli in a marvelous post about her performance at the Iridium last year. Click to check out Tom's blog!” - Tom Powers

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An up-and-comer and a came back-er came up back-to-back, sharing a bill one night of the Iridium’s all-female Jazz Vocalists Festival. Brimming with youthful, sunshiney sass and a refreshing sense of joy and fun, Suzanne Peebles has a running start; Elli Fordyce, who began decades ago but took lengthy intermissions, returned a couple of years ago and can bring a lifetime of wisdom to lyrics and jazz-honed skills to make standards swing or glow at low flame. Pianist for both ladies, Barry Levitt, and his combo adapted adeptly, serving musical fresh lemonade and fine wine, respectively and respectfully. Read the rest of the performance review here!” - Rob Lester

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Let’s face it; it’s hard to not be impressed with Elli Fordyce.  At 72, most artists consider themselves to be in the winter of their careers, content to reflect.  If they are performing at all, those performances will usually take on the air of a well-earned valedictory.  Instead, Ms. Fordyce and her career are in the midst of a life affirming springtime.  Two years ago, she released her first CD, Something Still Cool, to very positive response from jazz fans and press.  Now, she has returned with her second release, Songs Spun of Gold. [Note: Curtis's review was printed in the following issue of Jazz Inside's national quarterly.] Click here to read the full review!” - Curtis Davenport

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Songs Spun of Gold ...   reviewed by Mark Saleski in Read the whole review here ” - Mark Saleski

Elli is evocative and relevant, inspired and inspiring. Lighthearted on the upbeat “Pick Yourself Up,” and the duet with Jim Malloy on Louis and Ella’s, “Oops!,” Elli waxes philosophical on the Broadway classic, “Where Am I Going?,“ and personalizes gems like “I’ll Remember April,” all with her subtle sense of swing. For the rest of the article on

Songs Spun of Gold, Elli Fordyce. Fordyce is an on-and-off-again singer. Her career has been stalled by family, a bad car accident and personal issues, but at 72 she is back and singing to make up for lost time. She has an engaging voice, with a tinge of age to tell of her experiences. Her easygoing style is easy to like, especially on the laid-back bossa delivery of “Desafinado,” and the plaintive ballad “Softly, As I Leave You.” She has a theatrical sense of timing, sounding at times as though she is on stage performing to an Off-Broadway audience, which at times is endearing and other times a bit over the top. Her voice occasionally wavers as well, but never veers far enough to be distracting. The song choices are mostly safe and familiar, letting her loosen up and enjoy her singing, even doing a decent job scatting on “Pick Yourself Up.” The duo with Jim Malloy on “Oops” is playful and fun, but the relaxed nature of the song goes into the campy category. Fordyce is a talent who may deserve some recognition, but this isn’t a ringing endorsement. ” - George Fendel

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(Click the here to read a fantastic review from all about jazz!)       Elli Fordyce's Something Still Cool evokes an era when, if you shook a tree, several female jazz singers would fall out. The preponderance and preference for cool woman singers in the 1950s is the raison d'être that has eluded Fordyce over a multi-decade series of misfortunes that have only made this debut album available now. ” - Michael P. Gladstone

What do Grandma Moses, Nancy Pelosi and Elli Fordyce have in common? And who is Elli Fordyce?All three women achieved career success later in life. Grandma Moses began painting at 67. Speaker of the House Pelosi entered politics at 47. And Elli Fordyce, who has been performing as a singer and actress in films and television for just over five decades, has just released her first CD, Something Still Cool, at 71. Read more here...” - Christine McBurney

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