Living in the Woods with a Meadow View

After living in Yonkers, NY for four years, Elli and Minty moved a year ago to The Fountains at Millbrook where she is still getting acclimated (Minty adjusted immediately, fearless 4-lb. hunter that she is). Elli has done some gigs in this retirement community and teaches vocal workshops twice a month (free and open to the public) here, coaches over Skype or Google Hang and in-person, entertains in community events and readings, and volunteers, performing for assisted-living residents. She will soon be helping with the launch of The Thrive Club, a way for people in the community to work on their bucket lists.

Elli continues active online (particularly on Twitter: http://www.twitter/ellifordyce), spreading her timeless music, being interviewed, and otherwise connecting and networking.

And don't forget, if you would like an introduction to her coaching for free, email

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