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Interview with Elli from

Ucombo Music Reviews editor Meg Dilts interviewed Elli this week about her early musical career and her comeback.

Meg: Hi Elli, thank you so much for talking to us. You had a successful musical career before you stopped singing for 15 years. Can you tell us your early musical training? How did you get started?

Elli: We sang group folk songs daily in the elementary school I attended and I listened to top-40 radio in Jr. high school; than at 15, a boyfriend and his dad introduced me to jazz, which we heard often, both in-person and on our terrific local AM jazz radio stations. I took a few voice lessons at 16 in Greenwich Village. When I returned to college for two more years at 25, I studied music education. The rest was on-the-job training from the age of 18 when I briefly sang in public with jazz trios.

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