New Addition to the Family

On March 25, 2013, Mac, a Siberian kitten, was born in Ellenville, NY and came to live with Minty and me at The Fountains at Millbrook 9 weeks later. Mac is a hypoallergenic cat (for me about 95% hypoallergenic, which I can live with). Though I got him "to keep Minty company" when I'm away, she's not too pleased. She's fascinated with other folks' cats and always has been, but her attitude toward Mac is "when is this guy gonna leave?" I, however, am having a lot of fun living with a cat again after so many years and his fur is gloriously soft, his face adorable and his personality definitely Jekyl and Hyde. When he's wound up he leaps tall buildings at a single bound and is indefatigable. He also likes to bite the hand that feeds him. Workin' on that. At 4 months he's got a great jungle-cat walk and will be very elegant and handsome when fully formed, with medium-long very fine hair. If you're interested, email me at and request Mac's close-ups.