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Elli Fordyce: Latest

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These are the latest news items, interviews, jazz reviews, videos, TV and radio appearances, performance gigs, blog posts, thoughts and notable moments of New York jazz vocalist and actor Elli Fordyce. Subscribe to the RSS feed. 

Newest Interview - July 21, 2013

And interview by Becca Gladden, originally met on Twitter. Enjoy

New Addition to the Family - July 21, 2013

On March 25, 2013, Mac, a Siberian kitten, was born in Ellenville, NY and came to live with Minty and me at The Fountains at Millbrook 9 weeks later. Mac is a hypoallergenic cat (for me about 95% hypoallergenic, which I can live with). Though I got him "to keep Minty company" when I'm away, she's not too pleased. She's fascinated with other folks' cats and always has been, but her attitude toward Mac is "when is this guy gonna leave?" I, however, am having a lot of fun living with a cat again after so many years and his fur is gloriously soft, his face adorable and his personality definitely Jekyl and Hyde. When he's wound up he leaps tall buildings at a single bound and is indefatigable. He also likes to bite the hand that feeds him. Workin' on that. At 4 months he's got a great jungle-cat walk and will be very elegant and handsome when fully formed, with medium-long very fine hair. If you're interested, email me at and request Mac's close-ups.

New Interviews - May 19, 2013


Played originally on RamJamRadio in the UK, DJ Dug Chant recorded his "Just Jazz" Podcast (we begin at hour 2) which may be heard here:
Hear an interview (including music) with presenter Diaa Bekheet on Voice of America-Jazz at   


Living in the Woods with a Meadow View - May 19, 2013

After living in Yonkers, NY for four years, Elli and Minty moved a year ago to The Fountains at Millbrook where she is still getting acclimated (Minty adjusted immediately, fearless 4-lb. hunter that she is). Elli has done some gigs in this retirement community and teaches vocal workshops twice a month (free and open to the public) here, coaches over Skype or Google Hang and in-person, entertains in community events and readings, and volunteers, performing for assisted-living residents. She will soon be helping with the launch of The Thrive Club, a way for people in the community to work on their bucket lists.

Elli continues active online (particularly on Twitter: http://www.twitter/ellifordyce), spreading her timeless music, being interviewed, and otherwise connecting and networking.

And don't forget, if you would like an introduction to her coaching for free, email

Vocal Playshop at The Fountains at Millbrook - July 9, 2012

On July 6, 2012, Elli Fordyce launched her twice-monthly Vocal Playshop at The Fountains at Millbrook in Duchess County. 

This Playshop is open to the public free-of-charge and is designed to support those who used to sing but stopped, think they can't sing, were told they couldn't sing or had no talent (which has bugged them ever since) or would like to improve their singing. 
And have a lot of fun in the process. 
For further information, email Elli at

Barrett Art Center - July 5, 2012

On Saturday afternoon, June 30th, in Poughkeepsie, NY, Elli Fordyce sang with keyboardist Neil Alexander and bassist John Monegon during the reception for a fundraiser for Barrett Art Center’s first ever collaboration with the Walkway Over the Hudson! This was a chance for attendees to take home a piece of the Hudson Valley all while supporting two organizations aiming to serve this area. During the day, professional artists painted on or near the bridge, the work from the plein-air paint-out later being auctioned off at the Mid Hudson Children’s Pavilion. Gigi Hudson Valley catered the event with a delicious selection of hors d'Oeuvre!

All proceeds benefited both the Walkway over the Hudson (for big projects such as building new park amenities and constructing a waterfront elevator) and the Barrett Art Center (to help continue educational programs at their Center on Noxon Street & Clayworks on Main Street).

Elli Fordyce Performs for Art Auction Fundraiser - June 30, 2012

I hope you will join me this Saturday for Barrett Art Center's first ever collaboration with the Walkway Over the Hudson! This is your chance to take home a piece of the Hudson Valley all while supporting two organizations aiming to serve our area. During the day, you can spot professional artists painting on or near the bridge, and then you can join us for the auction at the Mid Hudson Children's Pavilion. 
All proceeds benefit both the Walkway over the Hudson for big projects (like building new park amenities and constructing a waterfront elevator) & the Barrett Art Center to continue educational programs at the Center on Noxon Street & Clayworks on Main Street. 
Gigi Hudson Valley is catering the event with a delicious selection of hors d 'Oeuvres!
Please LIKE us on Facebook to get up-to-date information!!/BarrettWalkwayOnTheHudsonPaintOutArtAuction 
Here is all the information below: 
Barrett Paint Out poster 2012 a.jpg 
With music during the reception by jazz vocalist Elli Fordyce, and musicians Neil Alexander, and John Menegon.
Visit or to learn about the two organizations.   
I know summertime can be a busy time for all of us, but this event is really special. I hope to see you!
Sincerely yours, 
Teressa DelCampo
Community Life Director
The Fountains at Millbrook
Barrett Art Center Secretary
Millbrook Arts Group"

New Interview with Jon Norton - January 17, 2012

Elli Fordyce was interviewed by Jon Norton, the Music Director for WGLT, at Illinois State University (

Podcast Interview by Jon Norton

Interviews with AC Lowe - March 7, 2011

Recently Elli Fordyce and Jim Malloy were interviewed by A.C. Lowe on the A.C. Lowe show. You can download both Part 1 (12/20/2010) and Part 2 (3/7/2011).

New Videos and Updates! - January 4, 2011

Videos have been posted  to Youtube of a set at Iridium Jazz Club in New York City. See several below, click here for the rest on my YouTube Channel.

I look forward to seeing you in-person (please say "hi") and feel free to leave comments here or on Twitter to @ellifordyce2. 



For the rest of the set and other videos, click here!

Interview of Jim Malloy and Elli Fordyce by Anthony Lofaso - December 20, 2010

Click here to listen to the archive.

(Requires windows media player.)

R27 Creative Lab Interview - December 20, 2009

Elli Fordyce - It ain't over ...


"Twelve months later and I've gotten to know Elli a little more, not just from the content of her articles, but conversations that went on behind the scenes. She has met some of the greats in the jazz world, overcome obstacles, changed careers many a time and reintroduced herself back into the world of music at the age of 71. If I had half her story to tell I would be more than content."


Read the interview and access the rest of the series here!

"Songs Spun of Gold" - December 2, 2009

In 2009, Elli Fordyce released her highly anticipated second album, "Songs Spun of Gold."

To hear clips, please go to and to hear five of her full-length tracks, visit:

Further, when the 2009 Grammy Nominations were announced, "Songs Spun of Gold" was honored by inclusion on Pre-Nom lists in six categories.

Elli   Fordyce : Songs Spun of GoldEmail for updated press on "Songs Spun of Gold."

Interview with Joe Montague from - November 4, 2009

During these past few years New York City jazz vocalist Elli Fordyce has become a good friend to me, so to suggest that this interview was objective or the writing thereof is not subjective, would simply not be telling the truth, so having said that, allow me to introduce you to one of the most fascinating women that I have known.

Read the whole interview here.

RR Logo

Interview from - October 27, 2009

Music After 50 talked to Fordyce about her new album, and what it’s like to sing for 54 years before finally recording an album. Read the whole interview here.


Interview from - October 9, 2009

atunicityfestival-02Every Friday on this blog is “Makin’ it Happen Friday”, where I feature another musician who’s found a way to make a living playing music. I am constantly inspired by others, and hope to pass that inspiration on to you.

I “met” Elli Fordyce on Twitter, which is where I seem to meet all my friends these days (maybe I should get out more!). It was right around the time that her new CD “Songs Spun of Gold” was released and I was very impressed with how she was marketing herself, getting the word out, and getting others to talk about her. She has built a network of extremely passionate and dedicated fans who are helping her in the way all Web 2.0 musicians hope for. Perhaps it’s because this is the second time around for Elli, and at 72 she’s definitely learned a thing or two.

Read the whole interview here.

Interview with Meg Dilts of UCombo Music Reviews - September 16, 2009

Interview with Elli from

Ucombo Music Reviews editor Meg Dilts interviewed Elli this week about her early musical career and her comeback.

Meg: Hi Elli, thank you so much for talking to us. You had a successful musical career before you stopped singing for 15 years. Can you tell us your early musical training? How did you get started?

Elli: We sang group folk songs daily in the elementary school I attended and I listened to top-40 radio in Jr. high school; than at 15, a boyfriend and his dad introduced me to jazz, which we heard often, both in-person and on our terrific local AM jazz radio stations. I took a few voice lessons at 16 in Greenwich Village. When I returned to college for two more years at 25, I studied music education. The rest was on-the-job training from the age of 18 when I briefly sang in public with jazz trios.

Read the full interview here!

Join us live June 9th at 11AM Eastern on the "Snap Out of It!" Show - Posted - May 27, 2009

The link to join us online -- or to hear the archive for a month starting at 1PM on June 9th -- is If you're able to, please join us on DeDe Murcer-Moffett's Law of Attraction Talk Radio show, "Snap Out of It!", live in real time. For more about DeDe and her show, check out During the live broadcast on the 9th, we'll welcome your on-air calls with questions and comments at 646-716-5153 (cell-phone use is fine). I look forward to hearing from you.

Back by Popular Demand at The Pizza Place - Posted - May 21, 2009

Host/owner Ronny Masciandaro (himself a jazz musician) enjoyed the music so much last night at The Pizza Place, the (WAY more than pizza) restaurant down the street from Elli's new apartment in Yonkers, that he immediately rebooked the trio for June 18th for a repeat performance!!! Songs from "Something Still Cool" and "Songs Spun of Gold" were part of the evening's play list and a good time was definitely had by all. We look forward to seeing you on June 18th for the first time back and save room for some of the best home-made Italian food around! This is a weekly no-cover/no-minimum musicians' and music lovers' hang out for live jazz. BYOB/cash only.


Performances Extended at Stella Restaurant - May 13, 2009

Performances Extended By Popular Demand MAC Award nominee Elli Fordyce Sings at Stella Restaurant & Lounge in New York City May and June; for whole story:

Audio interview from - March 14, 2009

5 Questions with Elli Fordyce - January 28, 2009

Born and bred in Manhattan, entertainer Elli Fordyce lives by the motto "it's never too late." That phrase is enough to pique GB's interest, and once we got to know what she's all about we knew we needed to share her spirit with you. We actually "discovered" Elli through a Twitter friend, Natalie Tucker Miller, and are thrilled to let you in on her dreams and passions in this edition of 5 Questions With. Be sure to check out previous articles in the 5QW library here. And, if you're on Twitter, follow Growing Bolder, Elli and Natalie!

Read the full article here:

BELLE HAVANA, By Popular Demand: - September 24, 2008

In answer to the frequently asked question, "Where can we see you?" since moving to Yonkers in Westchester County in New York, Elli can say "Belle Havana on October 15th!" Belle Havana ( is a lovely intimate restaurant about which Owner/Chef Alex Cheblal has this to say: "My vision is to create an atmosphere that revolves around the lifestyle and culinary experience gained traveling the world and working with the best Chefs in the US and abroad. I want our guests to explore a complete dining experience centered on fusion cuisine (French with Mediterranean and Pan-Latino influences) in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Inspired by international flavors, Chef Cheblal gained his experience working in some of the finest kitchens in the world. Originally from Ferney-Voltaire on the border of France and Switzerland, Alex honed his craft the old fashioned way, apprenticing with renowned master chefs in France, Switzerland, the US and Japan. For information about the music, please see Press and we hope to see you on the 15th.

Interview on WCLV with John Simna - August 19, 2008

Interview of John Simna/Elli Fordyce, WCLV taped 8-19-08

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